Social Media and Kickstarter

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Creating and designing a game is challenging, time-consuming and sometimes nerve-wracking – but fun! What is key about creating a game is feedback from people who do not know the game. Social media is a great place for feedback, especially target groups like Facebook Boardgame groups or reddit boards. Pitch your artwork, designs, game ideas and get instant feedback from objective people and strangers who can give good advice!

If you plan to create a Kickstarter, you cannot ignore social media. For me, I started Twitter half a year ago, but couldn’t get traction on it. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or bad. Maybe I just didn’t have connections to big accounts that could feature me. I posted some updates, but couldn’t take of like I wanted to. The changing point was Instagram

Instagram and Kickstarter

When I learned about Instagram from my little sister – she is 10 years younger than me and a smartphone geek – she told me:

What is Twitter? I dont know anyone who uses that!

That was the time I realized, no one of the next generations are even using Twitter. Instagram has ten times the amount of active users monthly than Twitter does. If you want to create a successful crowd for crowdfunding – get on the Insta Hype train!