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Chaka! Superhero Boardgame Action

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Superheroes in a boardgame? Yes! “Chaka!” is a highly interactive stacking game for 2-8 players. Stack against one another in a 10 – 15 minute rounds of 100% fun. Mechanics – Basic introduction to Chaka! The game is simple – but also hard! We can say it’s easy to learn but hard to master. Stack chips in the middle of the table. Use different colored chips to trick, manipulate and… Read More »Chaka! Superhero Boardgame Action

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Social Media and Kickstarter

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Creating and designing a game is challenging, time-consuming and sometimes nerve-wracking – but fun! What is key about creating a game is feedback from people who do not know the game. Social media is a great place for feedback, especially target groups like Facebook Boardgame groups or reddit boards. Pitch your artwork, designs, game ideas and get instant feedback from objective people and strangers who can give good advice! If… Read More »Social Media and Kickstarter

name Change Twinbro Games

Name Changer

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We are here with another update. Our Animation is getting finished soon as well as illustrations – and they’re going to be amazing! Also we just recently changed the name of our game to Chaka Chaka from Tchaka to increase a better pronounciation. Also our company name was changed from Twinbros Games with an s to Twinbro Games. Stay tuned for more info!