How to Play



  • Flip over the game box! This is your Battle Arena!
  • Select 4 abilities from 22 different ones – each can be combined!
  • Deal Chips to each player in 4 colors
  • Goal: Get rid of all your chips to win!


there are different kinds of Abilitites

  • Standard ones like “the next player has to drop his chip on the stack!”
  • more advanced ones like “The next player has to stack blind!”
  • Pro ones like “Say a color while stacking – ban that color for the next player!”
Chaka! Setup how to play rules


  • Chips are stacked in the middle of the arena
  • Select the color you want to play. Each color represents an abilitiy on the next player determining how they have to stack
  • Put your chip in the middle of the arena and callout a command


there are different kinds of commands Like

  • “CHAKA!” – it’s simply the next players turn
  • “CHAKA CHAKA!” – Game order is reversed!
  • “CHAKA CHAK!” – The next player is skipped
  • and many more like “Call an name – that player stacks next!” depending on the ability you choose!


You have to take chips when:

  • Throwing down the stack
  • misstacking
  • forgetting or doing wrong abilities
  • say or forget the command