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Superheroes in a boardgame? Yes! “Chaka!” is a highly interactive stacking game for 2-8 players. Stack against one another in a 10 – 15 minute rounds of 100% fun.

Mechanics – Basic introduction to Chaka!

The game is simple – but also hard! We can say it’s easy to learn but hard to master.
Stack chips in the middle of the table. Use different colored chips to trick, manipulate and challenge the other players in “Chaka!”. The first who loses all his chips is the winner. If you throw down the stack, you get chips. If you stack wrong, you get chips. If you mess up in general, you get chips. Each player starts with 120 chips in 4 colors.

Chaka! Superhero Boardgame Action 1

The different chip colors and rules

Place the Tarot sized playing cards beneath the Chip color of the playing mat and assign that color to that ability. For example, you placed the “The next player has to stack blind!” card on the blue colored chip. If you stack a blue chip, the next player has to stack with closed eyes! There are 12 different rules to choose from which is far over 100 possibilities the game can be played. That way resulting in endless replayability!

The Power of “Chaka!” and “Chaka! Chaka!”

The second key mechanic is the word “Chaka!”. You have to say this word whenever you stack a chip. But be careful, if you say it twice, the order is reversed! This results in a lot of confusion and fun. Subscribe to our Launchletter to get informed when “CHAKA!” is released!

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