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The Party Game for heroes!

2-8 Players | 15-30 minutes | 12+ Age

Select 4 abilities!

Abilities Chaka the boardgame tabletop game

Assign them to the colors!

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Now Activate your abilities!

Chip stack boardgame Tabletopgame Family Party

make your friends knock down the stack!

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are YOU the ultimate Superhero?


Here’s what people are saying about the game.

Warn your neighbors! This is going to be loud!

“If you are looking for a fun and action-packed superhero boardgame to play with friends, look no further! I don’t remember how often I shouted in boardgames before, but while playing CHAKA! we just couldn’t hold us back – the neighbors ringed and told us they want to get some rest… This game requires agility, concentration, and super great friends. Would recommend this 100%.”


Amazing game mechanism

“I own over 600 games I required over the last ten years. I thought I’ve seen pretty much everything in game mechanisms. This game, however, had one of the simplest but most ingenious game mechanisms I have ever seen. It was so much fun playing around with the different abilities inside the Game box – truly genius!”


My personal Family & Party Game of the year

“We where 8 people playing. Not a single time I felt left out because the action can always be on you in a heartbeat. We sometimes laughed for five minutes because someone just misplayed so hard 😁 It’s just funny how some people act under pressure. This was so much fun I cant wait to play it again, IMHO my personal party and family game of the year. Thanks for choosing us for your prototype program!I look forward to future bouts with friends!”

-Raban Schwarz

Jenga, Uno and XY! had a baby

“Never played a game like this before. Reminds me of Jenga and Uno and… something else mixed in there. What a great experience, nice unique game mechanics you thought of! Good job, I will have a lot of laughters with this one 🙂

-Christoph Johnson


“CHAKA! has something many games don’t – replay factor. I want to play again and again. Come stop me please, I have to do some work 😁 Can only recommend this game. For me a definite buy and 10/10.”


Chaka Box Twin Bro Games

Choose abilities, equip your chips, stack!

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